[Facebook] unlike a like without an unlike button?

Post date: Oct 15, 2010 12:36:46 PM

How do you unlike a like if it doesnt have an unlike button?

Answers from Users

Rod Inskeep(639 answers, 82 marked as best)try one of these

go to "Edit Profile" Then "Likes and Interests"...If you don't see a remove or unlike there click on "Show other pages" toward the bottom and remove from there....

If that doesn't work ...Go to "Edit Profile" then to "Likes and Interests" then under "Activities" (or one of the other catagories), you will see "See one more (1)" click this then highlite whatever it shows then you will finally see a a tiny"remove" on the right under the page you want to remove, (If you are able to highlight but do not see the "remove" you can just hit delete)......Then save