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Note: additional charge applied to credit card transactions.
  • 2.83% - swiped credit card transactions or payment through Square Wallet (in person)
  • 3.63% - keyed-in credit card numbers (phone)


Diagnose a PC or parts to find the problem


Malware - Virus and
Spyware  Removal
and Cleanup:
Includes installation of Windows
critical updates


Hard Drive Cloning:

Clone a hard drive to another


Data Backup: Backup/Transfer select files to
another hard drive


Data Backup to optical:

Backup data to CD/DVD, per optical disk
(in addition to backup)


Data Import and Setup:

Specific files, e-mail, favorites, cookies
(in addition to backup)


Data Recovery: 



Windows Installation/Repair:

Includes Drivers & Windows Updates


Update Windows:

Download and Install Windows Updates
and Service Packs


Driver Download & Installation:

Per Driver


Software Installation:

Per application


Memory Installation:

Includes testing


Power Supply Replacement:

Case power supply replacement


Drive Installation - fee is per drive:

Floppy, CD-ROM , Hard Drive (No O/S),


Card Installation - fee is per card:



Drive installation in an Enclosure:

Includes installation and formatting


Remote assistance:
Subscription (per month)- allows remote access to your computers
(deducted from service charges incurred)    
 home: $10
business: $20

In Store Desktop Labor Rates:

Charged per 20 minute increments

(includes remote support)


On-Site Services

On-Site Fee:

This fee is a mandatory charge for all on-site PC work


On-Site Labor Rates:

Charged per 30 minute increments


PC Installation:

Physically set up a PC


Router Installation:

Includes configuration of up to 3 PCs 


Wireless Network Installation:

Includes up to 2 PCs


Setup of simple Backup Solution:

Includes 30 minutes of training


Network Printer Setup:

Per printer per PC